What information appears on your Credit Report

Find out why reputation is good with banks

You may like it very much that your mother speaks well of you, but it is also very important that the bank does too. That is why now we are going to tell you what type of information appears in your credit history and what they can use it for.

Your financial health report is used by banks and companies to learn how responsible you are in managing your finances. Because of this, here I explain all the information that may appear in that credit report.

1. Personal information

The first thing that appears on your credit report is your personal information like your name, address, and Social Security number. Even the date and state where you obtained the Social Security number and if it has passed the verification test can appear in the credit history. If the Social Security number cannot be verified, credit reporting companies may post a fraud risk warning or alert.

2. Loans and credit cards

The report breaks down all the credit cards you have and loans, thus indicating the amount you owe. The document also informs about the credit limit you have on credit cards and the amount that was granted to you in the loan. Other things that may appear are the payment history of the account, and the date you opened and closed the account.

3. Public Records

If you have been sued civilly or have filed for bankruptcy, the information will appear on your credit report. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( CFPB ) explains: “A credit report may include information on past-due child support payments provided by a state or child support agency or may be verified by local, state, or federal government agencies.

4. Inquiries or inquiries

Also, the report shows the name and dates of all the companies that have requested your credit history during the last year.

Some applications that can help you know your credit score are:

1. Credit Karma

Credit Karma allows you to know the credit score of the TransUnion and Equifax agencies. This application gives you information about the status of your credit history, debts and informs you about the effects that obtaining a new loan, credit card or debt would have on your credit score. The Credit Karma app is available for Android and iPhone.

2. Credit Sesame

With Credit Sesame you can know your credit score from the TransUnion company. Based on your credit score, the app will give you tips to increase or maintain your credit score. The app is available for Android and iPhone.