4 ways to keep your credit card interest rate low

credit card with an interest rate

Credit cards often have high interest rates, but there are ways you can easily lower them, especially to pay less money on your debts. A good part of the fact that there are many people who shy away from credit cards or, those who do have, end up in uncontrollable debt has to do with … Read more

How is the credit score calculated in the US?

calculate credit scores

Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are the top three companies in the US that calculate credit scores, and they use a secret formula to get it. The credit score says a lot about you, how you manage your economy, your finances and how fit you are to acquire new commitments. It is your cover letter to … Read more

Oportun credit card: how to request and use the Oportun Cash Back Visa

Oportun Cash Back Visa credit card

At Takecareofmoney we explain the benefits of the Oportun Cash Back Visa, a card that offers good rewards. We also explain how to request it and, most importantly, how to use it correctly. Oportun credit cards have a particular characteristic that differentiates them in the market of financial plastics in the United States: they do … Read more

What are the easiest credit cards to get in the United States

Easiest credit cards to get in the United States

There are credit cards in the United States that have very easy requirements to meet, since some do not carry out credit checks or require a bank account. For many consumers, it is essential to obtain a credit card in order to begin building their credit history and credit score in the United States. However, … Read more

What are the stores with the best credit cards?

Department store credit cards

Know your interests, annual charges and other details that will make you make the right purchase. Buying and saving are two things that we always look for in all establishments, and more so when it is required to use a credit card in department stores, since in these difficult times money must be well managed … Read more

How to get the most out of the Starbucks credit card

Starbucks credit card

Some useful suggestions for lovers of coffee and products from this store. If you have a daily habit of consuming at Starbucks, you may be interested in the Starbucks Rewards Visa card, offered through Chase and which allows cardholders to use it outside of the coffee chain to earn stars redeemable for drinks, food and … Read more

How does it work and what benefits does Costco have?

What benefits does Costco have

Maybe you have never been, but it is an establishment with low costs and innumerable discounts to its members. People who choose to buy a wholesale store membership know that the price of the card will be well worth the discounts they will find, so now we will tell you what Costco is, how this … Read more

The best prepaid credit cards in the United States 2023

Best prepaid credit cards in the United States

Prepaid credit cards in the United States are an excellent option to build your credit score and control your spending on a budget. Prepaid credit cards in the United States are mainly characterized by the cash deposit associated with them: customers who have them must constantly recharge them in order to use them. Thanks to … Read more

The 5 best credit cards for travel in the United States

Travel credit cards

For those who are constantly around the world, whether for work or pleasure, travel credit cards are the best alternative to save and improve their travel experience due to the rewards that derive from their use. Of all the financial products that exist, credit cards for travel represent one of the most versatile and convenient … Read more

What is an APR on a credit card?

APR on a credit card

Clear your doubts and avoid expensive surcharges. There are people who do not understand that credit cards are not an extension of their money but a loan for which interest must be paid. That’s what financial institutions call the APR, or the annual percentage rate. The money you get from cards or loans is not … Read more

What are the credit cards that have 0% interest?

Credit cards that have 0% interest

These cards have a promotion of several months and other benefits. The 0% annual percentage rate (APR), a promotion offered by some credit cards during the first months, can be a great opportunity to obtain one, although you require a high credit score. These are the 5 credit cards that have no interest for at … Read more

The 5 best personal loans

Best personal loans

If you need money you should know which companies have the lowest interest rates. Either because you need an emergency or because you want to do some remodeling in your home or to go on vacation, but in terms of personal loans there are some companies with better benefits that we are going to analyze … Read more

How can I get money to develop my business?

Get money to develop business

We leave you some options to obtain financing for your business. For many business leaders, times of crisis are the ideal time to start a well-structured business. So if you think that now is your chance to seek financing for your business, then read on so you can learn some strategies. Achieving success is the … Read more