Definition of Clerk

Although the pay is less than that of a secretary, a clerk is equally important when running a business or a company. As a clerk, you have been assigned the responsibility of lightening the person’s work over you. In order for an office to function efficiently, many types of people are needed, and the clerk helps ensure that this daily mission is accomplished.

From domestic work to positions of clerk

When one thinks of the word “clerical”, the first thing we think of is a woman sitting behind a desk writing on a computer. However, it was not always like that. Men had that position in the workforce of the nineteenth century. The women stayed in the homes taking care of the houses, and the children or doing factory work or domestic work. In the 20th century, women began to take on other roles in the workforce as clerks, replacing domestic work with positions of low-status secretaries.

Office worker work means being multifunctional

When one does office work, the position simply means that the employee is hired to give administrative help in the management of a company or an organization. A clerk should do a wide variety of tasks in his position, anything from typing, answering the phone, filing and distributing mail. Although the clerk is not a secretary, he can help keep the accounts, organize the agenda and organize work appointments.

Skills Required for Clerk

When looking for a place as an office assistant, several skills are required. The person must be highly organized and must have strong interpersonal skills and also for oral and written communication. You must be able to write and have a basic knowledge of computer science, and you should know how to use office resources, such as fax machines and printers, efficiently. You should also know how to file.

An administrative position as a Receptionist

Sometimes the only task of a clerk is to sit behind a desk as a receptionist, indicating the address to people who arrive as a janitor would do working in the lobby of a large corporate building. You may have to redirect incoming phone calls and make sure that the call is redirected to the correct person. This position may require you to be able to do several tasks at the same time as long as you can maintain a professional attitude when dealing with people, and with a busy schedule.

Where to find a clerk job

You can find work as a clerk in the medical sector, such as in a doctor’s office, or in hospitals and clinics. You can also find this job in law firms, insurance agencies, schools and government offices. You can even find this position in factories where you need office help to run the business. Office work also helps with the management of hotels, resorts, car agencies and airports. Where there is a large business with offices, if there is a secretary, there will also be an office assistant helping other professionals in that office.

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