How does Aflac work?

Aflac Personal Insurance

Like many insurance policies, Aflac will pay an insured under specific conditions. Aflac is a type of personal insurance that pays a benefit if the person is unable to work due to an illness or disability. It is supplementary to health insurance or to the compensation of the worker who pays medical bills. Aflac pays a sum directly to the person if they can not work, as specified in the policy. This can be used to pay bills and maintenance expenses while health insurance pays for medical expenses.

Hospital stays

Hospital stays, medical studies and surgeries often leave a person with costs to cover even after medical insurance has been paid. In this sense, you can file a claim for hospital stays due to illness, surgery or accident. The length of the hospital stay determines the amount you will receive, and the larger amounts are usually paid during the first few days.

Business solutions

Many companies, large and small, offer Aflac as part of comprehensive insurance coverage. By offering Aflac through a group policy, rates can be reduced, making it more accessible for many people who otherwise would not be able to pay the individual fees. It works similar to health insurance, where the company mitigates its own risk based on a larger group.

From the Policy to the Payment

Information about Aflac can be found at To get a policy, the person must call the number (800) 99-AFLAC, to get personalized insurance based on their needs. Once the policy is obtained, the person must make individual payments regularly. Aflac offers Aflac Always, a program of automatic payments to insure them. If a person is injured or becomes seriously ill and can not work, they must file a claim. These are processed in three days and payments are made soon after.

How much Aflac pay for the herniated disc

This situation comes under the Surgical Procedure, To get the cover treatment must be performed within a year of an accident. 2 or more than 2 surgical procedures performed through the same incision will be considered as 1 operation, and benefits will be paid based on the most expensive procedure.

RUPTURED DISC (treatment within 60 days; surgical repair within one year)

There are 3 plans to get Accident Specific-Sum Injuries Benefit Amount cover for Herniated Disc:

Ruptured disc $375 $500 $625

Aflac Accident Insurance

Take advantage of the Aflac accident insurance policy to maintain peace of mind and help pay for emergency treatment, as well as transportation or accommodation related to treatment. In the case of a minor or serious accident, you or a family member covered by the AFLAC policy can access a direct payment from the company in order to cancel expenses not covered by medical insurance or to use the money as you wish. The severity of the accident and subsequent treatment will determine how much money you will receive.

How it works

  1. Your child was injured while playing soccer and was taken to the emergency room by ambulance.
  2. Your leg is fractured and requires surgery.
  3. The policyholder submits his claim through Aflac SmartClaim® before 3pm and receives benefits in just one day.

Aflac pays you:
Cost Calculator

  1. Accident up to $2,435
  2. Hospital up to $299
  3. Aflac pays you: $2,734

Aflac Cancer Insurance

Aflac cancer insurance is here to help you and your family cope better emotionally and financially with a situation where a positive cancer diagnosis is presented. With greater protection and comfort they will have the freedom to focus on more important things.

Depending on the type of cancer policy, you can receive a lump sum or distributed payments. The overall payment amount will depend on the limits of your policy but can be used to help with medical costs that are not covered by a medical policy.

On the other hand, this plan allows you to obtain payments for the duration of the treatment. Often, a larger sum is paid at the time the disease is diagnosed, while smaller sums are paid during the treatment of the disease.

How it works

  1. The policy holder suffers frequent infections and high fevers.
  2. The doctor’s visit and bone marrow biopsy reveal a diagnosis of leukemia.
  3. The policyholder submits his claim through Aflac SmartClaim® before 3pm and receives benefits in just one day.

Aflac Supplemental Coverage:

  • Hospital up to $1,441
  • Short-Term Disability up to $5,584
  • Cancer/Specified-Disease up to $7,411
  • Aflac pays you: $14,436

Ophthalmological and dental insurance

These insurances are paid according to the policy you purchase and allow you to choose the providers. The dental insurance allows you to more visits to your dentist per year and also covers dental care long term. On the other hand, ophthalmological insurance allows you to make requests and claims for more serious eye problems, such as eye diseases and surgeries. You can even receive a global amount for permanent visual impairment.

Disability insurance

In the case of disability, AFLAC gives you the possibility to choose a short-term policy that fits your needs and budget. To determine the appropriate policy, consider the size of the payments you would need to cover the monthly budget, including a large surplus to cover unexpected expenses. Balance that amount with the monthly payments you can make.

Aflac Serious Illness Insurance

Use our insurance for serious illness to help with the costs of treating illnesses and health incidents capable of changing your life, so that you can stay focused on your recovery. A critical medical situation , such as a stroke, a heart attack, a coma, a transplant surgery and other events that can be fatal, are usually not paid in full by major medical insurance.

In this sense, AFLAC customers can choose a global payment plan or one that is paid as the treatment is carried out. The client will receive payments to cover the additional medical, travel or household expenses that he chooses.

How it works

  1. The policy holder suffers a heart attack and is transported to the hospital by ambulance.
  2. He undergoes cardiac surgery to implant a stent and is hospitalized. Then, he receives physiotherapy.
  3. Several months later, he undergoes heart valve surgery and is hospitalized.
  4. The policyholder submits his claim through Aflac SmartClaim® before 3pm and receives benefits in just one day.

Aflac Supplemental Coverage:

  • Hospital up to $2,450
  • Short-Term Disability up to $2,720
  • Critical Care & Recovery up to $9,859
  • Aflac pays you: $15,029

Aflac Life insurance

If something happened to you, would the financial future of your loved ones be protected? Help relieve your worries with coverage that you and your family can trust.

Ask at your workplace about term life insurance and permanent life insurance. These products are available only through payroll deduction. For youth life insurance, ask at your workplace or contact Aflac to apply now.

You can purchase a life insurance policy for yourself, your spouse or even for your minor children. Term life insurance has a limited duration, while whole life insurance remains in force as long as the premiums are paid or the client has died. The youth life insurance lasts until the minor turns 18 or 25, and there is the possibility of converting it into adult insurance, at which time the benefit amount will generally double.

How it works

  1. Aflac $ 50,000 Life Insurance coverage is selected.
  2. The Accidental Death Benefits Clause of Aflac is selected.
  3. The insured dies due to injuries suffered in a car accident and used a seatbelt.

Payable to: Beneficiary


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