How to avoid dog dependency step by step and easily

How to prevent your dog be so dependent on you? If you have a dog that is always aware of what you do and that also cries, barks or breaks things when you leave it alone at home, it may have developed a problem that you must correct immediately so that it does not go further. Let’s see next, a step guide in which we explain How to avoid dog dependency.

The canine dependency can be seen as something adorable Since every dog ​​owner will like that their pet is always aware of what they do, follow him everywhere or want to get up next to him in bed, but the truth is that although the love between dog and master is something unique , the truth is that it can be a problem although it will cause the dog does not know how to be alone, or much worse, that you end up suffering from anxiety and even depression when your owner is away.

Steps to avoid dog dependency

The Canine dependency is mainly expressed by a behavior in which the dog is always aware of its owner. In this way the dog that suffers from this dependency is unable to spend a long time away from the owner and in much worse cases, even won’t let other dogs get close to their ownerSo it can be a real problem if we have more than one dog. So let’s see how to proceed.

  1. Don’t let the dog be with you always: One of the first things you have to do is avoid at all costs that the dog is always by your side. When you get home, it’s okay to say hi and pamper him, but right away you have to get him used to being in his place, be it his corner or his bed and to stay there quiet or sleeping while you do other things.
  2. Create a space for the dog: As we say, it is important that you leave it in place while you dedicate yourself to your work and for this reason it will also be important that you have a small mattress, a bed or a house and that you identify it as your own. For this it will be good to leave some toys or some food in that place and with time you will get used to that this is your space and does not always have to be at your feet.
  3. Don’t let him climb into bed: This is an important point since many people have no problem in letting their dog lie next to them in bed, but in the case of a dependent dog that never leaves you alone, the issue of bed can aggravate more the situation. If you are dependent, you may not only lie down, but You will also notice that it always seeks contact with your body to somehow feel closer and even “keep you under control” while sleeping. Don’t let this happen and you should avoid climbing on the bed or sofa where you are at all costs. To do this you must lay him down on his bed or mattress and order him to stay there. In the event that he ignores you, it will be good if you leave some «prize» in his bed so that he wants to be there.
  4. Do not humanize the dog: The dog is not a human being. It has to have its own space and respect yours, since if you do participate in every moment of your life, it will be unable to spend even five minutes alone, something that in the long run can be a serious problem for both you and your anxiety.