How to feed a sparrow step by step correctly

Sparrows are small birds that we not only find in the countryside or in the areas outside the cities, but also within these can be seen from time to time and in the case of having found one that perhaps has fallen from its nest, it is important that you know what to do so that it can survive. Let’s see next, a step guide in which we explain how to feed a sparrow.

Feeding a sparrow It is very important for can grow healthy and strong to fly. If we find one on the street or on the highway, we must pick it up and take him to a vet and better if you are an expert in birds. At first glance, the sparrow may appear healthy. But it will take the expert eye of a specialist to verify it. If the sparrow is not injured, we can ask the vet for advice about its feeding. In general, a fallen sparrow can feed on pieces of raw meat or honey worms. TWe can also use peas but let’s see what steps to take to ensure that your diet is correct.

Steps to feed a sparrow

  1. The first thing we will have to do is prepare a puree with the foods indicated above, so all the food you are going to feed the sparrow has to be always well crushed and also slightly moistened so you don’t have to swallow it (water will suffice to moisten it).
  2. In the event that you moisten all the food that you are giving him, it will not be necessary to give him a lot of water, but this does not mean that your sparrow should not drink between food and food. In fact it will be good to offer him a little water with the help of a thin, needleless syringe.
  3. In the first days, the sparrow will simply shake its head for food. You will notice how the sparrow opens its beak to the point of being able to introduce the food without problem. Anyway, it will be good that you use the syringe both for the water and to give it the puree that you prepare for it.
  4. On the other hand, the environment in which you feed the sparrow should be similar to its natural habitat. We can build a small nest with straw and leaves. If the sparrow does not have feathers, you have to leave it next to a light that provides heat but without being too close.
  5. After you have fed it well, you should let it rest, so that it will be good to cover the sparrow with a soft and warm cloth to protect it from the cold.
  6. It is also important to note that it is good that only one person feeds the sparrow: the little one will join a single individual. It will also be easier for him to take off when he is big and ready. Therefore, it is advisable to place the nest of the sparrow as high as possible.