How to change privacy settings on Instagram step by step

Although for many of us, Instagram It is only an application or social network to which we upload photos or videos without any other interest than to share them with who follows us, it is also important to have our account well configured in regards to privacy. Let’s see below, a guide of steps in which we explain how to change privacy settings on Instagram.

The truth is If you do not touch any of the privacy of your Instagram account, you may not be affected in the case of having few followers, or in fact knowing all the people you follow and those who follow you, but it never hurts know who can see our photos, or do what is indicated so that what we upload is in some way protected.

Steps to change privacy settings on Instagram

  1. Download the app: Obviously, the first step to follow is to download the application on your mobile device. All you have to do is go to the store of your device (either iTunes or Google Play) and type «Instagram»In the search bar. Once you find the app, continue with the download and installation.
  2. Launch the application: The next step to follow is to access the Instagram application. To do this, simply all you have to do is tap the Instagram icon and log in to your account. You may, if you don’t have an Instagram account yet, sign up very quickly with your Facebook account and save a lot of time (otherwise you can simply sign up by entering your phone number or email and creating a password). Finally, you will be asked you to add a new photo as profile picture. Once you’re done, you’ll find yourself on the Instagram home page.
  3. Change privacy settings: Now that you’ve been redirected to the Instagram home page, the last step to follow is enter the configuration menu in order to change the Privacy parameters. First, you have to go to your account, and for them you mustGo to the profile logo at the bottom right (the last icon next to the heart).
  4. From here to open the menu Setting, you just have to press the three points or the three stripes arranged in the upper right corner. To the scroll to At the bottom, you will see that an option appears that is the Configuration along with an icon of a gear wheel.
  5. Click on the Configuration and then select the option of «Privacy«.
  6. Now you will see that it cans easily change privacy settings, perhaps blocking geolocation, limiting automatic tags in “Photos where you are”, checking blocked accounts and customizing account privacy so that only those people you authorize to follow you can see it (for this you should only select Account privacy and move the button that appears to activate it).