How to contact DiDi support and customer service by phone – Queries, Complaints and Claims

Always when making use of companies that offer their services, some inconveniences may arise. And therefore we must know where to go or communicate in order to resolve it. In this case, you should already know that it is DiDi, a company that offers transportation service and is not exempt from these mishaps. For this reason, below we will show you how you can contact DiDi customer service by phone in the case of complaints, claims and queries. It is interesting to note that the company of Asian origin is currently becoming the strong competition from other companies that offer transport services such as Uber.

And all this due to the new functions that you can get when using its services. Among which stand out those that allow their customers to feel safer when traveling. Although the company strives to be able to meet all the expectations of users and those who provide their services as drivers. There may be problems that customers cannot solve. And it is necessary then to have a telephone number to call in the case of exposing a complaint, making a query or claim.

How can we contact DiDi customer service

Although DiDi tries to cover any type of mishap that occurs during the trip through its application or through the help center. For example, being able to report the driver in the event of an incident or claim. It is possible that this is still not enough for customers to be able to send the company any requirements, doubts or complaints that they may have when using DiDi services. For this reason, the company fully understands that it is necessary to offer its customers different ways of contacting them.

And then we will describe in this article, how it is possible to contact technical support and customer service. First of all, the user must know that it is possible to contact the company through its website. In which you can access the help center that is available for the country in which DiDi provides its services. But in many cases, users want to contact a customer service representative to present their complaint or claim. In this case, here we provide you with the available numbers according to the country where you are.

DiDi customer service numbers by country


Below we will show you the telephone numbers available according to your country of origin, in case you are in Colombia. You can contact DiDi through its telephone number 0314049979, but remember that you can also do it through the App.


In this country, DiDi has already been operating for some time and can offer targeted customer service for drivers or passengers. In the event that you are a passenger you can communicate by the following telephone number 233040931. In the case of being a driver you can communicate by the number 233040932.


It is in this country where DiDi has shown great growth and the acceptance for its service is notable. So if you want to communicate with the customer service staff in this country you can contact the following number 800 9888 888.

Costa Rica

As in any other country where DiDi works, you have a telephone number at your disposal. Where you can communicate at any time with the claims and complaints office. To do this you only have to dial the telephone number 40 00 69 47.


In this South American country, the presence of DiDi is very notable and it also offers its distinguished clientele the numbers to contact in the event of any inconvenience. For this you only have to contact the number 01 510 2787. And in this way we finished this article that showed you that it is very easy to communicate with the DiDi support and customer service department.