How to know my Telcel number? – Ways to know the number of a Telcel chip

Many times, when we have a new chip in our mobile, we do not easily remember the Telcel telephone number. That is why, through this article we will help you to know how to know your Telcel code from various methods (Messages, calls, IMEI and online) easy and fast.

What is needed to be able to consult a telephone number?

At the moment you are trying to know this information you must have the chip inside your cell phone, which will have to be turned on. If you are going to carry out the search through the official website of the Telcel mobile telephone service, through its app or technical support you must have internet access on the equipment you are using for the purpose of the query.

Do I need to have a balance to know the number of a Telcel chip?

No, in order to know and know the code, you do not need to have a balance in it. You must dial *264 In case you do not have a signal you have to remove and insert the chip again. Now call 51 and in this way when they attend you, ask in a friendly way if they can give you or provide the telephone code of your chip.

How to get the Telcel phone number from a SIM card

There are many methods for this, the simplest to apply are the ones that we indicate below.

Through a call

It can be considered as one of the easiest and most effective processes in order to know the digits of your Telcel chip. In order to obtain it, the following steps must be fulfilled:

  1. Call the number 051, this in order to start a portability for the confirmation process that we want to have. In case you do not have a signal you have to remove and insert the chip again.
  2. You will receive a call or by default, a text message where they will give several important information, which, one of them, is the code of your Telcel mobile.
  3. One of the recommendations that is made is that you save the number in your contact list, so that in this way you can easily look for them if you forget.

Know my Telcel number by message

How to check your free balance in Telcel in just a few simple steps, you must do the following:

  1. Write a message with the text you want to 033 + the digits of the cell phone. In case you do not have a signal you have to remove and insert the chip again.
  2. The phone number you entered to send the text will be the one who pays for it. But, this will send you the information about the Telcel code that he sent, which will allow you to know and have knowledge of your number.

Check my phone number online

  1. You must be online either by mobile data on your cell phone, you can turn them on, or use a WiFi network. This in order to be able to enter the browser and search for the main page of “My Telcel”.
  2. You have to click on the “New Recharge” option.
  3. At the top of the screen, on the right, your Telcel number will appear.

Use the ‘My Telcel’ application

The app for this platform is available for all operating systems through its software purchase stores. Here’s how to download and use it. On your mobile open the store, for iOS it is the app store and on Android Google Play. In the browser that it has, Telcel selects the first result. Then click on the Install or Download option. The process will start, once it is finished proceed to open the application in question on your phone. When you are inside you must locate and select the option Detect now, it will immediately begin to search or scan the SIM card. When finished, it will give you your chip number.

With Telcel technical support

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can communicate with the customer service of the Telcel company through * 264 or *111, if you have a service plan, also known as a rental plan.

Using the IMEI number

With the IMEI of your mobile phone you can get the digits of your chip, this is simple, here below we will show you the steps.

  1. On your device, open the settings app.
  2. You will find a list of sections, in these is About, click on it and then open the Status folder.
  3. Next, there will be the IMEI Information option, click on it. After this, you will be shown the IMEI of your cell phone in addition to your phone number.

Telcel code to know my number

To know the assignment code of your Telcel, you must follow these steps:

  1. The chip has to be inside the mobile. Remember this will be located next to the integrated circuits of the equipment.
  2. Now enter the calls section and dial *#62#. You should know that in case you do not have a signal you have to remove and insert the chip again.
  3. In a minute, you will receive an SMS or text message on your mobile phone with the number of your chip.

How to activate my Telcel line if I don’t know my chip number?

You have to know that the ways to activate your number when you have a new Telcel chip at your disposal are the following:

Through digital platform

Access connecting your mobile phone to the internet and click on “activate”. Also, fill in each of the sections that are there, so that the chip can be activated successfully.

By text message

It can be done in two ways. One of them is having balance on the mobile:

  1. Send a text to the number 4848 next to the word “ALTA”.
  2. Now, answer it with your first and last name. Example: Maria Perez.
  3. Then another text with the word “NA” will be sent. Starting this way with activation. You should know that you can apply this whenever you forget, although it is best recommended that you save it.

If you do not have a balance, do the following:

  1. Send a text message to the number 2877 with the word “ALTA”, period and the 18 digits of the CURP. Example: HIGH.123456789012345678. If you do not have a signal, you must remove and insert the chip again.
  2. Send another message with the word “REGISTER” and personal data such as the name, the two surnames and the date of birth, all with dots in the middle of them. Example: HIGH. MARIA. PEREZ.01011996. You have to know or have this information on hand for the process to complete.

With phone call

You must call the Telcel number 1-800-220-9518. From here you will have to provide the data that the operator requests and comply with the information established there. Another way is by calling *264 if it is a prepaid line or *111 if it is postpaid and follow each of the instructions.