How to decorate the bedroom for Valentine’s Day with simple ideas

If you want to be able to surprise your partner with a romantic decoration for the bedroom, and thus be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day Over the top, we have for you some simple ideas that you can implement to spend a romantic evening at home, in your room, because what is more romantic than spending the evening dedicated to lovers in their love nest? Let’s see now how to decorate the bedroom for Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate the bedroom for Valentine’s Day

Place a path of rose petals, from the house entrance to the bedroom and also filling the house with these is one of the recurring and also the most romantic ideas, to decorate your room next February 14, but also, there are others that are original, easy to apply and that will serve you for leave your partner speechless.

Valentine’s dinner in the bedroom

Dining by candlelight on Valentine’s Day is a must, and an original idea might be prepare the bedroom with a spotless table. Decorate the table with the most beautiful dishes, choose a refined tablecloth, prepare a unique but special dish, and do not forget to place a chandelier with tall candles and a romantic bouquet of flowers. To inspire you, the table can be as elegant as 5-star hotel room service.

Heart on the bed and champagne

A romantic idea for Valentine’s Day and to make the room special is to dress the bed with the most beautiful bedding you have, form a heart in the center with a good handful of petals and also, place a tray with a bottle of champagne, a bouquet of fresh flowers and a special gift that can make your partner happy.

Candles throughout the bedroom

Candles are also a must when it comes to decorating the bedroom for Valentine’s Day. Remove the lamps from the bedside table and put several candles, with which you will achieve a softer and more romantic atmosphere.

Place them in the most strategic places, but pay attention to the sheets and curtains, to create a soft and cozy atmosphere, perfect for spending Valentine’s Day in the bedroom, but without the risk of having an accident.

A romantic phrase on the wall

Sticky writing with a sweet phrase to stick on the wall above the headboard is another romantic idea for decorating the bedroom for this special occasion. In the market you can find adhesive vinyl letters, with which to form your name and that of your partner, or also buy phrases already composed. The good thing about these letters or phrases is that they can be pasted easily and they also peel off without problem.

LED lights for bedroom

If you want to transform the bedroom into a romantic place, you can give it a warm and cozy impression thanks to the bright lights used for Christmas. Surround the bed and your headboard with a string of LED lights preferably white, turn off the light and enjoy a seductive and fairy-tale night.