How to make Carnival masks easily

Wigs, masks, masks, costumes… Carnival arrives and there are many elements that become the main protagonists of this party, both purchased and homemade. Today we give you some tips so you know make carnival masks easily, you will see that they are very simple steps and you can get very original designs.

Next week Carnival already begins in the streets of our country, although in cities such as Cádiz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria days ago they already started with their galas and competitions.

What I need to make Carnival masks

  • Balloons (from each balloon you get two masks)
  • Papier mache or white glue
  • Newspaper strips
  • Scissors
  • Tempera or acrylic paint
  • Colored markers
  • Glitters, feathers, glitter, sequins or any decorative element you want for your masks.

Steps to make Carnival masks easily

  1. Inflate the balloon in a size similar to the head of the person who will use the mask. It can be an approximate size, which will be larger or smaller depending on whether it is for a child or an adult.
  2. Cover the balloon with a layer of papier mache or with white glue, all over the surface.
  3. Place the strips of newspaper all around the globe until you fully cover it.
  4. Apply another layer of glue or paper mache and let dry for two hours, preferably in the sun.
  5. After drying time, put glue or mache back on and cover again with newspaper strips. Let dry another two hours.
  6. After that time you will see that the balloon is already hard, it is usually enough with two layers, but if you want you can give it one more.
  7. When the last coat has dried, use scissors to cut the balloon in half. It must be a precise cut since each half will be a mask.
  8. Now draw the eye contour, nose and mouth and cut with scissors or cutter.
  9. Now comes the funniest moment, which is mask decoration. First you must paint it with the base color you want, and from there add everything you want until you get the final design.