How to decorate the table for Valentine’s Day

Between the best plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the idea of ​​a romantic evening at home is something that seduces many couples, so if you have decided to prepare a dinner just for two, you have to also take into account the decoration of the table so that your celebration of Valentine’s Day be perfect. Let’s see next, how to decorate the table on Valentine’s Day with simple but also very romantic ideas.

February 14 is a really special date. Couples in love live this day celebrating their love, and although there are plans that range from a romantic getaway to booking an expensive restaurant, we can also resort to an intimate dinner which sometimes is without a doubt the best option of all. The menu will be the one you like the most, but for the decoration of the table you can choose several ideas, all of them based on love.

How to decorate the table on Valentine’s Day

One of the first fundamental details to take into account to know how to decorate a table for Valentine’s Day are the flowers, what can be placed in beautiful vases with flower arrangements, or we can also choose to choose red roses whose petals we can spread over the table, surrounding the glasses and plates.

Another tip is create personalized centerpieces with the help of glasses, or glasses that you have in your home. How about for example, placing a few petals forming a small heart, with a candle in the center, and covering everything with a glass turned inside out.

They can also be used chandeliers or also a round vase in which to place flowers and floating candles.

The napkins wrapped with red ribbon bows They are very simple to make and help give that delicate touch to Valentine’s Day decor, so it’s another good idea to turn to for decorating your table. You can also invest in small decorative details, such as heart decorations, personalized cards, red tablecloths, or simply a white tablecloth and a red napkin.

The RedIt is in fact a symbol of passion, so it has to be one of the colors that you will not miss in decorating your table for Valentine’s Day. Now you shouldn’t abuse either. If you opt for a red tablecloth, you can choose blank napkins and vice versa.

You should also keep in mind at your Valentine’s table a couple of drinks to celebrate this dinner with the couple’s favorite drink, It should be enjoyed with all softness and lightness, since the night is very special.

Finally, it will always be good to offer the Valentine’s gift during dinner, and in case it is small, you can choose to “hide it” perhaps under the napkin or perhaps as a “final dessert”, covered on a plate with which to surprise your partner.