How to make original cards for Valentine’s Day

One of the gifts that can never be missing from the Valentine’s Day They are the cards that although we can buy in gift shops or in shopping centers, it is perhaps a better idea that we make them at home. Let’s see then how to make original cards for Valentine’s Day.

How to make original cards for Valentine’s Day

The ideas that we are going to propose are simple ideas that we can do to our partner for Valentine’s Day, from elements that are easy to get and even some, that we can Recycle.

Valentine card with a heart like balloon

To create this card you will need:

  • Cardstock of a color that we like (less red)
  • Red cardboard
  • White cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

To do this card you just have to cut the cardboard the size of a gift card. Cut it out and fold it into the shape of the card.

Then you have to cortar the white cardboard, shaped like two clouds and paste them in the center of the card.

Between the clouds we draw a basket, like a balloon and on top of this, we cut out a heart of red cardboard, as if it were the balloon. Now we cut two other hearts of equal size, fold in half and glue folded and opening in the central part of the heart already pasted, so that it has a 3D effect.

Valentine card with rose petals

With the same idea we can also do valentine cards with rose petals, one of the recurring flowers on Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is cut out the cardboard and draw on this a series of flowers but you only have to draw the part of the stem.

For the flower itself you must glue pieces of rose petals, so that you can form the flower drawing on the card.

Another option if you prefer, is that of uuse dried flowers that are small and they will also serve to decorate your card.

Valentine card with Washi tape

The washi tape has become one of the most used craft items. With it you can decorate all kinds of cards and also of course, Valentine’s.

Cut out a cardboard, create your card with it and then Choose a washi tape that has romantic motifs. You may glue the ribbon along the edge of the card or create letters or a heart shape with it, to place in the center.

Valentine card with buttons

Another idea is to take a piece of cardboard or cardboard that is somewhat thicker and draw a heart in the center, then fill it with buttons. Ideally, you should choose buttons of different sizes, and stick them all together filling the heart well. If they are of different shades of red, you will see how you get an original card to give this Valentine’s Day.

Any of the options that we have explained to you are great ideas to make your Valentine card, but do not forget also to open your heart and write inside what you feel for the person who is going to receive it.