How to make crafts for Constitution Day

Constitution Day is usually a family day, the first of a few days off to find entertainment, especially if you have children. Today we would like to show you how to do crafts for Constitution Day, all of them ideal to do with the family.

Crafts are an excellent resource to keep children entertained, as well as adults, as doing them is even relaxing. Nowadays there are infinite possibilities when it comes to making crafts since different materials can be used that will allow you to develop to the maximum the creativity of the little ones… and yours!

Crafts for Constitution Day

Egg Carton Crafts

Egg cartons are perfect for achieving different shapes, from animals to vehicles and even masks for a costume. It is painted very easily and is a very soft material to cut to which you can stick things and other materials to achieve the shape or figure you want.

Ice cream stick crafts

Ice cream sticks are another essential classic for making crafts, and today you can find them for sale packages with many and in different colors, which is ideal to get creative when using them. You can build buildings, make puzzles, animals, etc.

Crafts with plastic dishes

Both plastic and cardboard plates are perfect for crafts as they are moldable and you can stick all kinds of elements, paint and decorate them to get any design that goes through your head.

Crafts with plastic cups

The plastic or paper cups They are also very useful for making crafts for Constitution Day 2019, and for any other day. With them you can make pots with flowers, animals, buildings, etc. They can be painted and decorated in virtually any way.

Plasticine crafts

If there is a material that is used a lot to make crafts, it is undoubtedly the plasticine, highly moldable and with which you can get any design, either original or, for example, cartoon characters. Today there are infinite colors so you can get everything you can imagine … and it is so relaxing to work with modeling clay!