How to wear lipstick like blush step by step the right way

The cosmetics They are great allies of our external beauty, since they allow us to correct small defects and improve our facial features or the brightness of the eyes, but we do not always have all the products at hand. Let’s see below, a guide of steps in which we explain how to wear lipstick like blush.

Obviously, it would be good to always have a good makeup bag on hand, even when we are away from home, but the truth is that space in our bag is limited and we must focus on the essential. Anyway some makeup products can easily be used for more than just their main function And this is precisely the case of lipsticks or lipsticks.

Steps to use a lipstick like blush

You just need a lipstick stick to get this to become a blush to apply on the cheeks or to give a touch of color to the cheekbones.

  1. To use a lipstick instead of blush, obviously we must choose a shade that suits our skin well and that it does not give an unnatural effect to the face. As a general rule, lipsticks pink or peach color They are good for all face types, while we will have to do some tests to detect the most intense nuances, such as scarlet or plum.
  2. It’s very important know how to apply lipstick on the cheeks, Because we run the risk that everything will look like a glob or worse, that it will be too noticeable that the blush is actually the color of a lipstick. It is forbidden to place the lipstick directly on the cheekbone, because we run the risk of depositing too much product and then not being able to spread it and mix it well, instead, we will have to take a little product with your fingertips Y lightly tapping the skin of the face.
  3. It will also be good choose a lipstick that is creamy, easy to apply, to blend well with the heat of the fingers to apply it evenly on the cheeks. After apply it to the center of the cheekbones, we will have to fade it in circular motions of the fingertips, until it covers the entire surface.
  4. If we are satisfied with the result, we won’t have to do anything else, but if the effect seems too light, we can repeat the operation as described above. Remember to always take very little product at a time to avoid the risk of staining.
  5. Lipstick can easily be used in place of blush, but it is a cosmetic that also lends itself to makeup everywhere. If in addition to a touch of blush on the cheeks we also need a little color on the eyes, let’s use it instead of a creamy eyeshadow, always extending it with your fingers.