How to teach children to play in their room correctly step by step

How to teach children to play in their room? If you have young children who usually take all their toys to the living room or actually playing around the house except in his room, you may notice a little chaos from time to time, so we want guide you with the steps that we now indicate, with which to make children know how to play in their own space.

The fact that the children take all their toys to the living room or take them to our bedroom may be something fun to let them do for an afternoon, or if their friends come home, but when the kids spend their time playing under the dining room table, or create a den with sofa cushions, it’s time to think about how set the appropriate guidelines so that our son know understand that your play space is in your room.

Steps to teach children to play in their room

  1. One of the first things we have to do to get the kids to want to play in their room, is helping them get their toys there. We are going to achieve little if we just tell him to take his toys and take them by himself because in reality he will ignore us and continue with the game he already has established.
  2. We must make him understand that the occupied space is not adequate to play and take his toys and help him to take them to the room.
  3. On the other hand, You must spend time with your children in their room. This should not represent for the boy or girl a place of solitude and separation. For children to have fun playing without you, they must first get used to spending time there with you.
  4. Another thing that can help you is put some music in the kids room. Music is a presence. Your child will agree to spend time alone in his room if there is a history. Another good idea: an audiobook.
  5. Also try that there is space in the bedroom for the child to play. Many boys and girls have a small room, forcing them to end up taking out their toys. So we have to evaluate the space well and try to develop some games in his room, and establish what games he can play in the living room or in another space in the bedroom.
  6. Finally it may also be a good idea that Let’s invite our children’s friends home to play. With them, you will rediscover your games, invent new ones … and learn to feel good in your little universe, even when they completely mess it up. Even if they mess everything up, don’t scold the children. Your son’s or daughter’s room should continue to be a privileged place where you can give free rein to your imagination and when it ends, you should follow the guidelines that we establish to order.