The advantages of being an architect

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The architects contribute greatly to the infrastructure of the cities, design the heliographic copy for the new buildings and plan renovations and restorations of old buildings. According to the Department of Employment Statistics (BLS), to be a successful architect you need to have a bachelor’s degree in this field, internship work experience and pass a registration exam.


Since architecture involves the planning of buildings, architects must also have an artistic sense as do painters and musicians. Architects should consider the aesthetics of the design and the integrity of the structure of the construction at the time of making the heliography. The world’s best-known architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Gehry, became known more for their peculiar designs than for the durability of their buildings. Advanced software programs have helped architects make their two-dimensional designs in three dimensions.


Architects can work for private and public clients; public buildings benefit communities and private buildings represent the dreams or visions of people’s houses or businesses. Architects know many types of people, learn about their dreams or goals and help them realize them. They also have the opportunity to make relationships to help people optimize their investments in a construction project.


Architects can work either independently or for a company. According to the BLS, the average annual salary of the architects in 2010 was US$ 72,550; The department also estimates an increase in employment of 24% between 2010 and 2020. Often, architectural firms support their architects by offering to cover their continuing studies so they are aware of changes in design and technology.

Variable work

Within the services of professional architecture, there are dynamic works, this is what makes the work interesting. In some areas, the types of building designs can vary from projects for small buildings to high-rise projects. The work involves taking time to meet with clients and make creative designs in the office, as well as visit construction sites. These professionals also have to make offers for contracts and make sales presentations; all this is what makes every day interesting and offers a balance between interaction with the real world and quiet time in the office.

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