How to examine a high school certificate

The term certified refers to authenticity because it comes from the Latin word “certify” that is translated into a letter confirming certainty. Consequently, it is a document that has the purpose of confirming a certain issue, for example the possession of a good (uncertified certificates), the occurrence of a fact (death certificate) or having passed a certain stage of studies ( certificate of high school or of bachelor), being important for some institutions to check certificate of baccalaureate

Hence, a certificate is a personal document stating that the person has travelled through a certain event or has such capacity, as stated in the national registration of issuance validation and registration of academic documents in the case of a high school certificate. That is, generally, an authority has previously established the steps or conditions that must be met to grant said document.

Who grants it is an authority with legal status recognized in national and international instances so that if someone falsifies the document with which generally endorses a condition this person can be sanctioned in any country, as it would be the case if it is to falsify a certificate of high school.

What role does the inclusion of the baccalaureate certificate in the national registration of emission validation and registration of academic documents?

The baccalaureate or preparatory one is a formal educative stage of variable duration in some countries, nevertheless, it generally includes between 4 and 6 years of pre-university studies. In other words, during this educational period, the student is prepared to enter the university.

Thus, a high school certificate registered in the national registry of emission validation and registration of academic documents states that the person in whose name said the document has passed the relevant examinations in a public or private educational institution and is ready to enter the school. college.

In essence, this high school certificate is an official document and public domain that confirms that the accredited person has successfully completed and approved the studies corresponding to the baccalaureate stage.

By presenting this document the bachelor or bearer of the document may apply for admission to national or international universities, although in the latter may require the submission of additional documents, for example, accreditation of international equivalence.

Hence, universities around the world will request this certificate as the main requirement for the application for admission of applicants to enter their classrooms, requesting that it be located in the national registry of emission validation and registration of academic documents.

Why check the baccalaureate certificate to see if it is a valid certificate?

The preparatory studies are part of a process of academic training that has not yet been completed, because although in this school stage knowledge is imparted and skills are formed these can be considered insufficient to practice a profession that allows the apprentice to develop in society.

So when the high school is completed, this certificate is given as proof that it acquired certain knowledge, skills and competencies that empower it not to exercise a profession but to continue towards higher education.

Therefore, the valid high school certificate will serve to prove that you have approved an important part of the educational process and that you are able to continue to an almost culminating stage: university preparation.

This university stage where the accredited must follow is almost culminating because after university studies can pursue post-graduate studies (specialization, masters, doctorate …), which are optional in many cases.

Recognition of the high school certificate as the only valid document for admission to the university.

Hence, checking the baccalaureate or high school certificate is the way that proves that the applicant to enter a house of higher education reached the basic academic skills required to start a professional career. In other words, it is important that it be valid and recognized by these institutions.

But how do these institutions and even the student prove a valid certificate?

As it is a public document, there must be a record of all the people who have obtained the said document. A certifying authority must perform this registration in order to show similar organizations, educational institutions or any interested party that the data that appears in the registry has been carefully examined and is authentic.

Hence, once the participant has approved all the evaluations that make him worthy of the certificate, he goes before the authorities of the institution where he studied and requests his certificate of studies.

Until that time the high school certificate has not yet been universally valid, another procedure must be carried out to guarantee its authentication: The public record of the document in the national registry of emission validation and registration of academic documents

In order to carry out said procedure, certain periods of time are attended, where the required personal documentation (identity documents, obtained qualifications …) must be kept and the sworn statement of the authenticity of said documents must be made.

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