What is psychological violence?

Sometimes people think that they are only attacked if physical violence is exercised against them , either by using objects or by force. However, people can also suffer psychological violence, a type of violence that can consist of humiliation, insults, isolation, threats of abandonment, confinement in inappropriate places, jealousy and excessive control, among others.

How is psychological violence born?

It is important to know that psychological abuse usually begins as isolated and sporadic behaviors. A clear example of this is jealousy, which the perpetrator justifies under the premise of “great love he feels for his partner”, but which over time can become a constant in the relationship, increasing its frequency and intensity. .

What are the effects of this type of emotional violence?

This type of psychological abuse, like any other case of violence, has consequences such as the loss of self-esteem and independence, stress, terror, a feeling of loneliness and isolation and that on many occasions they move to the physical sphere, since people who suffer psychological violence they tend to somatize.

What situations can be considered psychological abuse?

  1. Image control: When it is done in the form of mockery, humiliation, threat and denigration repeatedly and constantly affecting self-esteem.
  2. Disqualifying comparisons: When there is a permanent comparison with other people to make the victim feel that they are less (intelligent, pretty, creative, etc.) or that their actions are not enough, making them think that the person has no value.
  3. Teasing: It is usual to make jokes and more when there is trust, however, when these tend to disqualify the person, in privacy or in front of others, this is also psychological violence.
  4. Indifference: Remain indifferent to the needs and actions of the other, their food, economic needs. Although it is a passive behavior, when it is maintained over time it generates an impact on the victim. This type of violence usually occurs when there is a person at a disadvantage compared to another, a better-aged person, a person with illness or an elderly person.

What can I do if I suffer psychological violence?

Psychological violence generates fears and insecurities, the perpetrator usually makes us believe that it is the imagination of the other and that he is only exaggerating and that this happens because he is extremely sensitive, in addition to the fact that as part of his manipulation, the perpetrator makes himself seen before relatives and friends as a person of good manners, intelligent and kind, making it more difficult to seek help from others

However, you have to have the courage to ask for help, so if you think you are facing any of the situations of psychological abuse described above, you can go to:

  1. The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation
  2. Family commissary
  3. Family Welfare Institute, in cases of minors
  4. EPS or IPS
  5. Line 155
  6. Purple line 018000112137