What is the restoration of the rights of minors?

Minors have special and reinforced protection from the State. Reason why, when your rights are violated, there are special procedures to restore them.

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What is the process of reinstating the rights of minors?

It is a fundamental instrument that seeks to comply with the special protection of the rights and guarantees of minors. It is then the set of administrative actions of the competent authorities to restore the rights of children and adolescents.

How can a child or adolescent enter the procedure for the restoration of rights?

From the complaint or request made by:

  1. National or foreign public authorities
  2. Authorities of indigenous, Afro-Colombian, Raizales, etc.
  3. National or foreign individuals
  4. National or foreign governmental or non-governmental organizations.
  5. Parents
  6. The familiars
  7. The same children or adolescents

What are the reasons for starting the process of restoring children’s rights?

  1. Conditions of non-observance of the right: when there is a breach, omission or denial of access to a service or any duty or obligation of the different authorities.
  2. Threat conditions: any situation that endangers or risks the exercise of rights
  3. Conditions of violation: Any damage, injury or loss that prevents the exercise of rights.

What are the authorities in charge?

  1. Family Defenders
  2. Family police stations
  3. Police inspectors.

What are the measures for the restoration of children’s rights?

They are the administrative decisions that are decreed in order to guarantee and restore the exercise of the rights of children and adolescents.

What are the measures to restore rights?

  1. Reprimand with compulsory attendance at pedagogical course: (threat or minimal violation) Aimed at parents or those responsible for children, forcing them to attend courses on the rights of children and adolescents.
  2. Link to specialized care programs
  3. Placement in a family environment of origin or extended family: placement of the child or adolescent with their parents or relatives who meet the requirements that guarantee the exercise of rights. When this is not possible, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute considers the modalities of:
    • Home manager
    • Friend home
    • Home of passage and organization of networks
    • Substitute home
  4. Location in emergency center
  5. Adoption
  6. Some police, administrative and judicial actions
  7. Location