You can always smell good if you keep these 9 secrets

Did you know that smell plays an important role in romantic attraction?
But not only this, it has been proven that the smell is a potent trigger of memories associated with each of the fragrances, and that this happens regardless of our willingness to remember something.

Although humans are not as sensitive to smells as other mammals (we are atrophying), our body is able to know aspects of other people such as their identity, their emotional state or other aspects of their psychology from these “traces” that we are leaving by air.

So if you want the rest of humans (and species) have a good memory of you, I’ll tell you 9 secrets so that your smell is SUBLIME

Secret 1: Maintaining a habit of body cleansing is fundamental

This is a very important point, because by much deodorant or perfume that you apply, if the base does not smell clean , bad we go! and we refer to both the hair and the skin.

There is no exact frequency for showering or washing our hair, but everyone should be aware when they need it and fix it.

Secret 2: Hydrate your skin every day

This is a very, very important point. If your skin is dry, the moment you apply the perfume, it will absorb a lot of the aroma, making the smell disappear much sooner. Hydrated skin helps the fragrance to adhere more and better to your skin.

Secret 3: Add layers, layers and layers of different smells

Surely you have ever heard that “the more sugar, the sweeter” because with the aromas the same thing happens.

If before applying your perfume you use a good shower gel + shampoo + hair mask + aroma scrub + shower oils + moisturizer (+ your own body scent, obviously) all together create layers of fragrance that stick to you, all day.

Secret 4. The best time to apply your perfume is with moist skin

When you get out of the shower (and you’ve put on your body cream), perfume yourself! Taking advantage of the fact that your skin is still a little damp, this will help block the smell, as well as avoid staining your clothes.

Secret 5. And the perfect place to put your perfume is…

Forget the wrists and neck as sure you always do! Let’s see, you do not have to forget them, but there are better places, like the following: behind the ears, behind the knees, in the bend of the elbow (where the arm is folded) and in the chest.

Although the best place, and this is a great secret that I will tell you, is in the belly button area. It does not matter that you wear a lot of clothes on top, when you perfum your navel, you are giving wings to the fragrance. This is because the body heat helps develop the smell so that you can appreciate all the notes of your perfume.

Secret 6. Do not rub!

Although it is a reflex act just apply the perfume, do not do it again. By doing this you are getting the aroma of the perfume to “break” and last much less time.

Secret 7. Not all aromas hold the same

Each fragrance has a different base and therefore its durability also depends on this. For example, citrus, green or aquatic fragrances will dissipate before woody, cyprus or oriental.

Secret 8. The best place to store your perfume is NOT the bathroom

Do not ever leave it again in the bathroom, the humidity that is concentrated in it, the heat, plus the body odors that we give off in the bathroom and the light all the time… they do not do your perfume anything good.

The perfect place to store it would be in a cool and dry place in your home, like in your t-shirt drawer, underwear or dresser where you keep your makeup.

Secret 9. Apply the perfume more than once a day

You can carry a small bottle in the perfume bag and remember the smell from time to time in areas like the back of the ears or drop a droplet down the neckline.

The amount of perfume that you apply depends as much on your body odor, as on the power of your perfume. So you must be the one to decide when it is enough.

Other tips for having a good body odor ALWAYS

  1. Wash your clothes frequently
  2. Put some type of air freshener for clothes in your closet or just a bag of herbs in your clothes
  3. Do not put your shoes in the same closet as the clothes
  4. Always have a gel hand sanitizer close by
  5. Take chewing gum and mints in your bag or car
  6. Do not go with the deodorant or choose one that does not smell
  7. (ONLY FOR WOMEN) When you’re in your period, change your clothes and towels more often

I hope you put them to the test, because as soon as you do it, you will see that not only do you smell better, but that your life will go better, everything will flow and there will be more harmony.

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