Types of Shoring

The shoring contemplates the construction of a temporary safety structure to support the walls of a building that has become unstable due to either the foundational expansion or a natural disaster. The type of shoring is chosen by the contractor and will depend on the structural condition of a concrete building and the circumstances surrounding … Read more

Billing Process

An invoice is simply a detailed account, but for a business client. The purpose of the billing process is to collect the funds owed to customers. Outline your own billing process clearly so you can do the right thing in recovering your accounts receivable at the right time. Verify the receipt of merchandise The first … Read more

What is Ecolab?

Ecolab is a company that specializes in disinfection, cleaning, food safety, services and infection control products. Ecolab is considered as the global leader in its field. The head office is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Company History Ecolab started in 1920. The company was founded by Merrit J. Osborn in 1923 and was originally called … Read more

How StubHub Works

Founded in 2000, StubHub is a secondary online seller of tickets for sports and entertainment events. Buying and selling tickets on the site takes only a few steps. Sell tickets Sellers list their available tickets and set their price on the site. The seller determines the price, which means that the cost to the buyer … Read more

History of Chevron

Chevron Corporation is an integrated non-governmental energy company headquartered in San Ramón, California. Present in more than 100 countries, it is involved in all facets of the oil and gas industry and is known as one of the largest and most powerful energy entities in the world. Origins In 1879, oil was discovered at Pico … Read more

How to Calculate the Equilibrium Price

The equilibrium price is the point on the axis where demand and supply intersect in a graph. The simplest way to find the equilibrium price is to make a graph of supply and demand, and then find where they come together. It is possible to find equilibrium prices using the algebra based on the equation … Read more

How to Calculate per Capita income

Per capita income is a useful economic indicator for an area. Basically, it is the amount of income that each individual of a population would receive if the total income of the area is divided equally among all the inhabitants of the population. Often, per capita income is used to measure the wealth of a … Read more

Generalists vs Specialists

In many businesses, some professionals are specialists and others are generalists. The specialists own a set of specific skills; while the generalists have knowledge of a number of different areas of the business. Professionals should determine if they prefer to become a generalist or a specialist or try to be both, as companies decide where … Read more

Profitability Objectives

Understanding the profitability objectives of an investment before investing money is a critical aspect of recognizing the level of risk you have assumed. Although the profitability objectives can be established in a very specific or more general way, in any case, this information serves as an indicator of how aggressive or conservative the investment is. … Read more

How much do you charge as a notary public?

Official documents for state use often require the signature of a notary public. The signature serves as an official method for others to verify the validity of the document since the information of the notary is included with the signature. Each state in the country has its own rules on compensation that notaries should follow. … Read more

Recruitment and Selection Objectives

The recruitment and selection objectives include a variety of components related to the search, and recruitment objectives and recruitment and retention selection of qualified employees. Clear definitions of job qualifications allow for easier identification of potential candidates and recruitment involves attracting able people using methods such as outsourcing and the Internet. The selection objectives will … Read more

What is the Potential Target Market?

When we talk about the market, we can refer to the geographical place where buyers and sellers are or to the theoretical place where a certain supply and demand is located. The word market is often used in the area of the economy and in the area of marketing, where the term potential market is … Read more

The Importance of Teamwork

Aspects that allow us to appreciate the importance of teamwork? The importance of teamwork is based on how much can be achieved when cohesive forces are achieved around objectives or goals. In the first place, the tasks and activities are carried out in less time. Through the planning and the coordinated work of the members, greater fluidity in the labour processes … Read more

Definition of Clerk

Although the pay is less than that of a secretary, a clerk is equally important when running a business or a company. As a clerk, you have been assigned the responsibility of lightening the person’s work over you. In order for an office to function efficiently, many types of people are needed, and the clerk … Read more

Production Strategy

The production or operations strategy refers to the model of decisions or courses of action that the organization needs to produce goods and services. The production strategy shows the direction that the production or the operational function of a company should take. This has important consequences for the way in which the means of production … Read more

How to Calculate Coulombs

Coulomb is a measure of electric charge and bears the name of Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. The electrons can be treated as an electrical charge, so the coulomb is a count of electrons and is, therefore, a dimensionless unit. The coulomb was the basic unit of measurement until the Institute of Standards (SI) made the amperage … Read more

Types of Buyers

Buyers make their purchasing decisions based on many factors, including prices, brands, customer service and product characteristics. For consumers, learning more about personal buying strategies can make it easier for them to reach and maintain their budgets and financial goals. Understanding different types of buyers can also help entrepreneurs design better marketing strategies and maximize … Read more

How to use Glyphosate

Glyphosate is a herbicide developed for the removal of perennial herbs. It is sprayed in the form of a diluted solution to be metabolized by the weeds, which then die. The first products on the market to use glyphosate were those of the Roundup line. Now there are other brands that offer glyphosate products as … Read more

Effective Interdepartmental Communication


Most medium to large companies is organized into departments. This makes it easier to keep several operations separate and managed by trained professionals for different tasks. For example, most of those that sell products or services have a customer service department, which handles people’s problems and inquiries. For the business to be successful, departments must … Read more

How to analyze Logos

While a logo may be small, its impact on the success of a business can be substantial. A logo gives a first impression that helps determine the consumer’s willingness to buy products or services. You only have a few seconds for a logo to capture the attention of the consumer, so a good design is … Read more

How to calculate Proportions

Proportions can be seen in many aspects of life. From mixing the baby formula to knowing how to divide a cake among children, the proportions are very useful to describe the relationship between two quantities. Computer ratios Define the problem To calculate a proportion, the two quantities that are compared must be known. To simplify, … Read more

Flexible organizational Structure

A flexible organizational structure is one in which workers can easily adapt to the needs of their clients, completing their work efficiently and expediting decision-making when necessary. Several types of internal organizational structures are flexible enough to meet these objectives. Today, companies have to face very changing and complex environments. They need to face a … Read more

Types of Posters

Posters are used for a variety of purposes, and as such are grouped by types or classifications that make it easier to create a poster since each type has particular characteristics. Advertising Posters Advertising posters are everywhere and are used to announce an event or a new product, according to the Free Library website. They … Read more

Factors that influence the organizational structure

Every business or enterprise, from the smallest, must have a well-defined organizational structure and clearly demarcated functions. A business can not advance if the hierarchies, responsibilities, functions and tasks are not clearly defined and this is the basic objective of the organizational structure. The organizational structure is represented graphically through the instrument known as an … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies

In order to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies that exist, you must first know that multinational corporations are companies that have operations in more than one country. In general, they are large companies that establish branches in other countries to gain more market, either when they have sold out in … Read more

How Coca-Cola uses tactical planning

Overview of Tactical planning At the business level, there are three clear dimensions in terms of planning: strategic, tactical and operational. The strategic planning covers all the macro aspects of the company, lines and master objectives that go from the own organizational identity, mission, values, structure and transcends to the long plans of the areas … Read more

Types of employment application forms

Most companies require applicants to fill out applications as a standard procedure. Only in this way can the company know the person better by expressing their skills and knowledge, as well as then determine the correct position for that applicant. If technology, laws and the labour market change, of course, the basic fields and questions … Read more

How to raise cattle of the Charolais breed

The cattle Charolais is considered the best cattle breed regarding meat production because of its low fat and skeletal muscle formation. Their current cross cattle and bruycker genetic varieties are considered more productive than Hereford cattle or Angus cattle. For these reasons they are very appreciated cows for breeding because they report excellent profits, hence … Read more

How to convert an inch to a micron

The length measurements are extremely useful and used to make distances between two points in particular. For this, we could use non-conventional measurement units such as straws, asparagus or some part of our body, such as my hand or your foot. Although they will be very uneven measures and coincide only by chance. To standardize … Read more

How to make money selling fire extinguishers


Starting Fire Extinguisher Business can turn out to be a small lucrative business. This is especially true in areas where there are many commercial and residential buildings. If you establish a loyal customer base, you can also earn money through services such as fire extinguisher refills. Fire Extinguisher Business Profitability Fire extinguishers can be a … Read more