How to weigh gold

If you want to weigh gold, it’s not as easy as it sounds. This is because gold in the form of coins, bars, or jewellery is almost never 100% pure. A piece of pure gold is soft and easily damaged, so it is combined with other metals to make it hard and durable. However, it … Read more

How to Melt Silver


Silver fusion. It is a natural process and once you get to know the fundamental principles of the melting points of metal. Commonly used by many jewelers due to its lower melting point, silver is a great place to start when learning to melt metal to make more complex jewelry designs, and graduate to more difficult welding techniques. The Art … Read more

How to Calculate Margins

In financial terms, by doing a total of sales, the margin is referred to as the amount of benefit received. Financial analysts mainly observe three levels of margins: Gross Profit Margin (GM), Operating Profit Margin (OM), and Net Income Margin (NI). All can be easily calculated using the results account found in the 10 (k) … Read more

Effective Interdepartmental Communication


Most medium to large companies is organized into departments. This makes it easier to keep several operations separate and managed by trained professionals for different tasks. For example, most of those that sell products or services have a customer service department, which handles people’s problems and inquiries. For the business to be successful, departments must … Read more

How does Aflac work?

Aflac Personal Insurance Like many insurance policies, Aflac will pay an insured under specific conditions. Aflac is a type of personal insurance that pays a benefit if the person is unable to work due to an illness or disability. It is supplementary to health insurance or to the compensation of the worker who pays medical … Read more

How to analyze Logos

While a logo may be small, its impact on the success of a business can be substantial. A logo gives a first impression that helps determine the consumer’s willingness to buy products or services. You only have a few seconds for a logo to capture the attention of the consumer, so a good design is … Read more

How does TurboTax work?

What is TurboTax? TurboTax is a tax preparation software that allows individuals to calculate and file their taxes on federal and state income for themselves. It is the software nominated as a tax number 1 and promises to”get your largest, guaranteed tax refund “in just eight days. How to use TurboTax TurboTax offers step-by-step instructions … Read more

How to calculate Proportions

Proportions can be seen in many aspects of life. From mixing the baby formula to knowing how to divide a cake among children, the proportions are very useful to describe the relationship between two quantities. Computer ratios Define the problem To calculate a proportion, the two quantities that are compared must be known. To simplify, … Read more

Flexible organizational Structure

A flexible organizational structure is one in which workers can easily adapt to the needs of their clients, completing their work efficiently and expediting decision-making when necessary. Several types of internal organizational structures are flexible enough to meet these objectives. Today, companies have to face very changing and complex environments. They need to face a … Read more

Types of Posters

Posters are used for a variety of purposes, and as such are grouped by types or classifications that make it easier to create a poster since each type has particular characteristics. Advertising Posters Advertising posters are everywhere and are used to announce an event or a new product, according to the Free Library website. They … Read more

Factors that influence the organizational structure

Every business or enterprise, from the smallest, must have a well-defined organizational structure and clearly demarcated functions. A business can not advance if the hierarchies, responsibilities, functions and tasks are not clearly defined and this is the basic objective of the organizational structure. The organizational structure is represented graphically through the instrument known as an … Read more

How to identify bronze and copper scrap

Selling junk metals is a way to earn a little extra money while cleaning your home from damaged appliances or what’s left of home repairs. Scrap defines a scrap metal, which can be recyclable or reusable. When you talk about scrap, copper is king! The copper is one of the most valuable metals when it … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies

In order to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies that exist, you must first know that multinational corporations are companies that have operations in more than one country. In general, they are large companies that establish branches in other countries to gain more market, either when they have sold out in … Read more

How to calculate employee bonuses

When a person enters a job in a company or public body, it has the duty to the institution to perform the functions for which it is contracted, and the institution has the obligation to grant all the benefits inherent to the employee. Now, how to calculate the bonuses of employees, for this we must … Read more

How Coca-Cola uses tactical planning

Overview of Tactical planning At the business level, there are three clear dimensions in terms of planning: strategic, tactical and operational. The strategic planning covers all the macro aspects of the company, lines and master objectives that go from the own organizational identity, mission, values, structure and transcends to the long plans of the areas … Read more

Types of employment application forms

Most companies require applicants to fill out applications as a standard procedure. Only in this way can the company know the person better by expressing their skills and knowledge, as well as then determine the correct position for that applicant. If technology, laws and the labour market change, of course, the basic fields and questions … Read more

How to raise cattle of the Charolais breed

The cattle Charolais is considered the best cattle breed regarding meat production because of its low fat and skeletal muscle formation. Their current cross cattle and bruycker genetic varieties are considered more productive than Hereford cattle or Angus cattle. For these reasons they are very appreciated cows for breeding because they report excellent profits, hence … Read more

How to convert an inch to a micron

The length measurements are extremely useful and used to make distances between two points in particular. For this, we could use non-conventional measurement units such as straws, asparagus or some part of our body, such as my hand or your foot. Although they will be very uneven measures and coincide only by chance. To standardize … Read more

How to make money selling fire extinguishers


Starting Fire Extinguisher Business can turn out to be a small lucrative business. This is especially true in areas where there are many commercial and residential buildings. If you establish a loyal customer base, you can also earn money through services such as fire extinguisher refills. Fire Extinguisher Business Profitability Fire extinguishers can be a … Read more

Strategic investments – Definition, what it is and concept

Strategic Investments are those aligned with the strategy of the business. In this way, they seek to achieve medium and long-term objectives. In other words, strategic investments are of paramount importance to the company’s goals. Thus, the idea is to allow the firm to remain and consolidate in the market. It should be remembered that … Read more

Walmart Code of Ethics


As one of the largest corporations in the United States, Walmart has a social responsibility, both for its employees and its customers, which is described in the company’s code of ethics. Walmart Inc. Information Formerly Walton’s (1950–1969) Wal-Mart, Inc. (1969–1970) Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (1970–2019) Type Public Traded as NYSE: WMT DJIA component S&P 100 component … Read more